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Name:Arecia Darkstorm
Born on Ord Mantell to Arabella, a Corellian cantina owner, and former Rebel pilot Alexander Darkstorm shortly after the destruction of the second Death Star, Arecia (and eventually her younger-by-five-years sister Shaelee) always dreamed of flying. Her parents didn’t really have anything against it, they just weren’t sure they would ever get enough money to buy a ship.

Enter Arecia and Shaelee’s maternal aunt and uncle, a pair of smugglers who wanted to retire, and their ship the Blue Sun. They never had any children of their own, and since their parents didn’t want it, the girls inherited it. Arecia, being the oldest, called dibs on being the captain, while Shaelee was perfectly fine with being copilot/mechanic. Being twenty-three and eighteen respectively when they got the ship, the girls spent nearly eighteen months giving it an overhaul before finally heading out to follow in their aunt and uncle’s footsteps, especially after the deaths of their parents at the hands of the First Order when the two were twenty-seven and twenty-two respectively.

Eleven and a half months after the deaths of their parents, Arecia and Shaelee were recruited into the Resistance by a man named Juroden Dornelles, who they called Denny for short. His death six months later only strengthened their resolve to take down the First Order any way possible. For Denny’s sake, and their parents.

[Arecia is an OC set in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and is played by [personal profile] katiedameron. No spoilers will be posted outside of cuts until the end of January.]
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